UlovDomov.cz Company Certificate

Employees evaluation of the company on the basis of the results of an internal satisfaction and engagement survey from December 2018 with 98% participation.

People in the company describe it with these words:

"Friendship, collaboration, dynamics, startup, innovative, energetic, determined."

Company Values

  • friendship
  • trust
  • development
  • meaningfulness

Splendid Score

Our multi-factor evaluation of the company in terms of total employee satisfaction.

72 %

Brand Promotion Score

How high is the probability that employees recommend UlovDomov.cz as a good employer?

-100 bad
0 good
30 70 great
100 perfect

Assessed Categories

We objectively evaluated the results in the following areas based on obtained data:

Happiness 90 %
Work 95 %
Development 85 %
Management 80 %
Team 85 %
Environment 70 %
Autonomy 92 %


Do you know that feeling when you like get up to work? In that case, you are really lucky. Happiness at work means total satisfaction associated with the feeling that your work in your company is meaningful.

  • I look forward to work in the morning
  • My work is meaningful here
  • Corporate Values are close to me
  • I understand my contribution to the company


Do you enjoy challenges, and you want to get constructive feedback? Then you need to work on interesting tasks where you see the impact of your work. Then your workload is not a boring routine.

  • Projects and tasks I work on are interesting
  • Projects and tasks I work on are challenging
  • Results of my work are visible and have a direct impact
  • I receive constructive feedback


Career is not just for go-getters. Career growth does not necessarily mean a higher position, but a chance to improve within its position. Support and development options are important.

  • There are great opportunities for career growth
  • Company supports my career growth
  • I can make use of my skills
  • I have the opportunity to improve and learn new skills


Management support is important. When your superior is the right leader, and you can trust him/her, you can do better work. It also means a situation where you can afford to say what you really think without being persecuted.

  • Very good leadership rating
  • I trust my boss
  • I have support while dealing with working issues
  • I have support while dealing with private issues


Good relationships and cooperation with colleagues are one of the most important factors why man like working in a company. You will never be happy at work without this.

  • I feel good with the people I work with
  • I socialise with colleagues outside of work
  • I learn from my colleagues
  • Cooperation within the team


Third of your life you spend at work, so you should not work somewhere where you do not feel comfortable. It's not always about the perfect modern office. Do you have a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace? Do they appreciate your efforts?

  • I have comfort to work in the office
  • I have comfort to work in the office
  • They often appreciate my activity
  • I freely choose a team


You may know this situation coming with enthusiasm with something revolutionary, but no one listening to you. Companies that can appreciate and make alive the ideas of their employees are much more popular and deserve great respect. Freedom in how you plan your work is also important.

  • The company listens to my ideas
  • I have room for my own solution
  • I have freedom in the organization of work
  • I have freedom in planning working hours


Slack, Trello, GSuite, PHP, MySQL, Nette, JavaScript


Provided benefits

Sick days
Flexible schedules
Day care
Company car
Meal tickets
Sport card
Transportation benefit
Refreshment in the office
Relax zone
Pet friendly office
Courses & training
Language courses
  • discount offer on appartments

UlovDomov and Idealni najemce create a great group of people who are happy to provide services for those who want their home and those who rent their properties. People here believe the Founders and their vision, on which they want to participate. Management cares about people and giving them freedom along with responsibility. As in any evolving start-up, it is sometimes difficult to see where your career can grow before some necessary processes for growth are set in. Also at the same time, in a given number of teams and a number of positions, it is not possible to choose which team you will be working in, but in UDIN they are trying to support you if you need a change and find a solution inside the company. Do you also want to participate in meaningful service and engage in a dynamic startup?
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