Splendid JOB for Liftago

Ondra Krátký, co-founder and CEO of Liftago, realized that focusing only on product development  and service you offer, can take you away from the needs of the team.

Liftago go for feedback

Liftago is a transport application that is built on the quality of drivers and therefore cannot exist without feedback.  However, Ondra Krátký, co-founder and CEO of Liftago, realized that focusing only on product development and service you offer, can take you away from the needs of the team. This can then be reflected in their feeling of (not) satisfaction.

When we met with Ondra, the company was awaiting a lot of changes. It will always be dynamic in Liftago. So Ondra was not sure if it is right timing to ask people how they perceived the situation, and what made Liftago a good employer on the labor market. They are the best-rated transport applications in the world, why could not they be the best rated local employer? So our questionnaire seemed to be the right tool to ask. Ondra sent an online survey to his people and a great 97% of the company participated. So much participation showed that they mattered about their work.

How did it all ended-up?

These are the words that best characterize Liftago by its people.

Ambition, Innovation, Technology, Startup, Design, Development, Lovebrand.


People here see the meaning of their work, their contribution to the company, and added value for customers.
An incredible 96% would recommend Liftago product, a taxi app, with which you can easily choose a car and a licensed driver.

After the survey, Ondra realized that he needed to improve mutual feedback and communication within the team, but also in-between teams and to more encourage people self-development. The adventure of market development, rapid growth or interesting everyday work cannot be an alibi for lack of planning development of the team.

In the end, the Splendid JOB survey not only gave a complete overview of areas for improvement but also provided a benchmark for comparison over time, before and after changes. Moreover, the assessment of the people who create Liftago, was better than Ondra had anticipated.

Important is that most of the team wants to work for the company in the upcoming years and is looking forward to going to work in the morning, which is a great result. It’s because they feel good with their colleagues, they get along and cooperate well with them, and they have something to learn from each other. People also described the company as agile, ambitious, persuasive, determined, dynamic, free, fair, open, friendly with young colleagues.

So if your dream is to work for a similar business, at StartupJobs you will find their vacancy, and if you just do not find your right position, do not worry sending your CV to talent@liftago.com.

Liftago wants to accelerate expansion into other cities and realize its international ambitions. But without great people, it is not possible! Attract the right talents with us.

And how does Ondra rate our survey?

What do I appreciate about Splendid JOB and their added value:

  • individual and professional approach
  • fast communication and meeting deadlines
  • their approach matches our open approach to the team
  • the greatest benefit: validation and visualization of some impressions, some new aha moments

    Splendid JOB is, in fact, a very unique tool for self-improvement of the team and for building the reputation of a good employer on the outside, with the help and engagement of the entire team. I believe that cooperation will continue! We have confirmed our strengths, but we are going to significantly improve on several factors.