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We help companies to become the best Employers.
Your people participate in Employer Branding.
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Try to ask this question

How likely is it that your people would recommend your company to a friend as a good employer?

not recommend

If you are not sure or your answer is negative, it is not a cause for sadness.

We will help you look at your strengths and use them for improvement. Your employees will appreciate every change for the better.

If your answer is yes, you are an exceptional company and you should let it know the job market. Then it won't be a problem for you to get the best employees.

We will help you with that.

Why is Employer Branding so important?

To find new and keep current talents more easily
To increase employee engagement and motivation
Your company will grow
To reduce recruitment and training costs
To reduce staff fluctuation
A good name is the best reference
To improve your corporate culture

Potential employees want to know how it is to work in the company in reality

Of candidates, while applying for a job, would appreciate genuine information about the company including processes within the company.
Of candidates did not obtain sufficient information, which they needed during the application process and open competitions to make a decision about accepting the job.
Of applicants had to choose from more than one job offer and would have appreciated another source of information to make the right decision.

Is your goal to build such a company reputation thanks to which candidates will apply by themselves and which will set an example as a good employer compared to competitors?

Do you miss an external employer branding tool where employees are committed to branding?

Do you want employer branding backed up with data with context and recommendations?

We find a solution together

Employee Experience

Internal Satisfaction Survey

Survey areas
- Happiness at Work and Meaningfulness of Work
- Satisfaction with job description and Influence
- Autonomy and Creativity
- Opportunities for carrier growth
- Management
- Team
- Salary and Benefits
- Working environment
- Leaving considerations
- Company and product recommendations

Employer Branding

Company Certificate

7 evaluated areas
In what words do your people describe you
Company values
Company stars
Overall summary
Link to career website

Company Profile

Company Certificate presentation
Moving the company to the top positions according to data from your employees
Rating - comparison with other companies
Presentation on social media
Articles on Splendid JOB Blog to support your brand

Extra services
- Reporting
- Look into company

Show in what ways you are a good employer


A unique tool for self-improvement of the team and building a reputation of a good employer on the outside, with the contribution of the whole team. We have confirmed our strengths, but we intend to improve significantly on several factors.

Ondřej Krátký, CEO

At StartupJobs, our team's satisfaction is crucial and we are working on it for a long time. That is why I liked to try an internal satisfaction survey, which told us that we are doing it well and the employees are satisfied with us and at the same time they have identified the places ...

Filip Mikschik, CEO

We are very pleased to have decided to conduct a survey with Splendid JOB, because their added value is unique. The questionnaire and the overall evaluation were tailored to the specificities of our company, with a detailed overview and links to the current market situation and a number of valuable recommendations on how to deal with the results and what to look for. The result was great employee feedback.

Simona Koszty, HR Manager

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Jan Novák, CEO

Company Certificate

References from your Employees

A unique tool to build Employer Brand
Noteworthy opportunity to present areas appreciated by your Employees
An Indicator of your Employees´ satisfaction and engagement
An output of Internal Employees´ Satisfaction Survey filled in by at least 70 % of Employees
The Company Certificate includes a description of your company through the eyes of your employees. At the same time, you will see how this picture coincides with the corporate values, which you present here.
The company is pulled by personalities. Here are the key people who, according to the survey, have been chosen by the employees themselves, and are an inspiration for them and present the best of your company.
They make it easier for you to attract new talents and present your business outside. Get them involved in the recruitment process.
Splendid Score shows how good an employer you are. The higher the value is, the better the employer you are in your people's eyes. At the same time, you can check a comparison with the competition.
We use Brand Promotion Score to measure employee loyalty. The result is directly linked to growth and business results.
Your result across Splendid JOB categories for your employees' satisfaction and commitment.

What you gain

  • You will show what you are a good employer
  • Promoting the company as a good employer from the perspective of current employees
  • Your people will be involved in building the employer brand, which will contribute to a sense of belonging to the company
  • Satisfaction of your employees will spread and attracts new talents
  • Employer Branding supporting tool
  • You can compare yourself with the competition
  • A comparison of Corporate Certificate in time by repeating the data collection
  • Promotion of the steps you have taken to improve on our social media

Internal Satisfaction Survey

Employer Branding Starts at Your Employees

Show your people that you care. We have developed a survey of satisfaction and engagement based on the trend of psychology and behavioral economics. This eliminates the lengthy completion of irrelevant questions. You learn about really important facts.

  • Online solution
  • Prompt assessment
  • Made-to-measure
  • Average time to fill in 15 mins
  • Anonymous data collection

See how we ask
See how we evaluate
  • Intelligible output
  • You get recommendations what to improve
  • Possible repetition of the survey and comparison of the results
  • Reflects current HR trends and issues
  • We identify real needs of employees
  • Expresses change in understanding work-life balance

Engagement criteria

Engagement is based on the urge to do the work that brings happiness.

The important thing for your employee is how beneficial it is for the company, whether it considers its work meaningful, what it has for personal growth on interesting tasks, also the degree of freedom in work and space for its own solutions, atmosphere of trust and overall well-being.
We can measure these engagement assumptions.
Do you want to stand out among other companies like the one that provides the most freedom at work, or where employees consider it most meaningful, want to shift your employees in their dream career?
Right here we can work on your weaknesses and move the whole business.

We like to promote the best companies in each category on the labor market.

Find out if you're creating the right foundation for your employees' internal involvement.

What you gain

  • Complex employees´ satisfaction survey, which is used for issuing the company certificate
  • You can emphasize your strengths as an employer
  • Your surroundings will learn about satisfaction with you
  • You are building a brand of a good employer
  • You can attract new talents and also new clients, customers, investors, and you will keep the current ones.
  • You may compare yourself with your competitors
  • Repeating and comparing previous surveys and company certificates.

How we cooperate with you

Jak Splendid JOB funguje? Pojďme si to shrnout.
Důležité je pochopit a poznat firmu z pohledu zaměstnanců.

  1. We identify your specific needs
  2. We carry out Internal Employees´ Satisfaction Survey
  3. We prepare a complex report
  4. We issue Company Certificate and you become a certified employer
  5. The cooperation continues:
    • Repeated surveys
    • Monthly reporting, comparison with competitors coming soon
    • Company profile on Splendid JOB coming soon

Are you afraid that the certificate would not be good enough?

Due to internal satisfaction survey, you learn what to improve.

In the following half-year or a year period you may show that you take the feedback seriously and work with it.

You may show off a positive Company Certificate and also the fact that you listen to our employees.

Contact us

We are glad that you want to work on your Employer Branding. Join successful companies and provide us with your contact, we will respond immediately.

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